Social proof is one of the key elements to having a successful business of any kind. no one wants to be the “first guy ever” to be operated upon by a freshly-minted heart surgeon!

Having received hundreds upon hundreds of wonderful testimonials over the past decade, we present here some of them for your reading pleasure.
(check back soon! Being updated… it’s been too long!)

November 2016


Steven Weiss

“make difficult things seem so simple…” “During the time I worked with Issamar I felt dwarfed by his knowledge and his ability to make difficult things seem so simple. Absolute […]

Itay Paz

“… one of the brightest and smartest guys on the internet.” “Issamar is one of the brightest and smartest guys I know. His mind is sharp and his knowledge is […]

Cina Wong

“…your own private think tank!” Are you stuck in a rut, or need additional ideas on how to grow your business? In under an hour, Issamar gave me guidance on […]

Melinda Emerson

“… Helped my Book Become a Bestseller.” “In the marketing consultation I had with Rabbi Ginzberg, he explained to me in a super clear and jam packed hour at least three […]

Becky Blanton

“… He can help you.” “I met Rabbi Issamar… I found him to be fascinating, funny and helpful. He knows his PR, copywriting and marketing work and isn’t shy about sharing […]

J. F. Jim Straw

“He provides the answers you seek…” My beloved friend; Issamar Ginzberg, will never tell you to “sit down and shut up” – and – you really don’t even have to […]