I’m a strategy and marketing advisor, ideas generator and action planner, mentor and friend to business professionals and entrepreneurs, to companies large and small, and to marketing specialists worldwide.

I fly between Jerusalem and New York and along the internet and telecoms highways for consulting jobs across a wide range of industries and speaking engagements to diversified groups of people looking to achieve growth.

My goal is always to empathize with the person I’m listening and talking to and their goals; to want the success they want for themselves. My job is to then provide reliable perspective, growth-focused insights and ideas, and high-impact actions that can be implemented.

I’m proud to be totally dedicated to redefining the meaning of Value for Money to the benefit those who book me for my services.

I made a decision some years ago to dedicate time every day to my greatest passion… helping others succeed! Cliché? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

Having worked in and built several successful businesses and been open to learning much along the way I bring a special blend of experience to my roles as strategist, right-hand confidant and often behind-the-scenes “marketer for marketing experts” to business people of all faiths, cultures, backgrounds and mindsets.

Along with Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, and Felix Dennis, I am fortunate to be self educated. I know that results are what matter most and have established a reputation as someone who always delivers beyond expectations.

You can read more about my unique background and range of experience in “Business Secrets of the Wailing Wall” soon-to-be available in the sidebar of this site.

You, I, and everyone else out there have a sphere of influence or more. If you are reading this and have never met me before; “thank you and welcome to my sphere of influence. I hope you will enjoy and be in touch soon.”

I don’t want to “connect” with you so that you have a larger network. I want to connect with smart executives and corporate representatives, upcoming entrepreneurs and small business owners, authors, inventors, professionals and marketers seeking some extra input … to interact in important ways and help to create a better day.

Rabbi Issamar speaking onstage at the Revenue Seminar

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