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While we do our best to keep this website current, we live in a fast-moving and hectic world of business appointments. Please keep checking back to see information on upcoming seminars, speaking engagements, media mentions and articles, and of course to get in touch with us about private consulting availability.

Rabbi Issamar has been invited to speak to groups ranging from 5-1,500+ people.

Rabbi Issamar speaking at the Revenue Seminar

Here is what Rabbi Issamar is NOT: Rabbi Issamar is NOT a motivational speaker. Motivational speakers are hired to motivate. But how much of the air powered rah-rah and ‘feel-good-about-yourself’ pumping actually lasts more than a day or a week at most?

Rabbi Issamar is not a PowerPoint-using Motivational speaker – he is an Activational Motivator. More than only an incredible source of information that helps entrepreneurs and businesses become more profitable… Rabbi Issamar will change your attendees’ business life with his rapid fire and extraordinarily refreshing style of communicating information delivered with untiring energy and a palpably exciting outlook that is infectious.

Expect insight, new knowledge and key strategic advice that will shake up your workforce and focus your activities to MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. Yes, it’s far more than motivational. Interwoven with real-life examples, it’s empowering, it’s enabling and it’s guaranteed to change a participant’s mindset and ability to achieve success.

To book Rabbi Issamar for your event and for updated information on current speaking venues please mail us at:

Interested in getting Rabbi Issamar to work just for you?

A consultation with Rabbi Issamar is $400. This lasts between 60-75 minutes and can take place in person, on the phone, or via Skype. For more on what to expect in this time click here.

A 3-hour package is available for $1000. Your hours can be used all at once, or in smaller increments over 60 days.

To hire Rabbi Issamar and start improving your business, e-mail him directly at: and someone will get back to you. Thank You!

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