June 19, 2016

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting my home on the web!

It’s a wonderful blessing to assist folks just like you to better their businesses and enjoy a more profitable and fulfilling life.

But first- let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Does my dress and getup look odd to you?

If it does, please worry not–

Rabbi Issamar speaking the the Revenue Seminar
Speaking For a Diverse Crowd of Entrepreneurs

For many folks that get to know me for the first time, I’m the very first orthodox Jew they have ever met. And, truth be told, I do look kind of odd at first sight… right?

So What? Don’t let the things that make you different and unique hold you back from achieving your dreams! As you can see, I certainly haven’t let it hold me back…!

My good looks aside, I’ve been blessed to keynote and speak for events across the world, contribute to prestigious publications like Entrepreneur, The Jerusalem Post, and so many other publications, and most importantly, advise consult guide, and be a good friend to so many companies, organizations, and individuals with whom I’m privileged to work with.

Ready to Join in?

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